T-shaped is a mobile learning platform for continuous people development and to build cultures of learning.

Continuous learning 
the T-shaped way.

Professional effectiveness, personal development, communication, collaboration and leadership are tricky areas to develop.

They require unique, individual shifts and take time to internalise and integrate before becoming sustainable.

The process has to be supported one little learning at a time, which is what T-shaped does.

Learning processes tailored to your company

Your soft skills trainings, development programs, onboarding, culture initiatives and change projects are processes specific to your company.

T-shaped creates custom campaigns to support your processes by delivering daily personalised development to each, or all, of your people, in highly engaging, easy-going, interactive conversations.

personal development with T-shaped

We humans are unique creatures.
We all have different learning requirements.
Imagine daily mobile learnings tailored specifically to the development needs and objectives of the individual. 

Supported by mini-courses, a content library and access to experienced coaches. 

T-shaped, a lot like coaching, just much, much better.

Why T-shaped works for personal development?

Not all learning is the same.
There is a vast difference between becoming a better communicator and collaborator or simply learning Excel.
Personal learning processes go way beyond rational comprehension.
That's what T-shaped was designed for:


Let's face it, we don't change overnight. Transformations in attitude and behavior take time to integrate. One-time training events aren’t enough, which is why T-shaped facilitates ongoing learning processes.


We're all busy people, and even though we know that it's a good idea to keep on learning, it's not the no.1 priority. T-shaped makes mobile learning relevant, useful and fun to do so. 


Ultimately, it’s about creating better habits and behaviors.
T-shaped is designed to initiate both individual and collective actions for putting new mobile learning, insights and skills into practice.